$0.21 per share. Vesta, Inc. is currently seeking $100,000 from investors. If you invest in the company you believe it will be worth more than $2M in the future.


$500 –  If you invest $500, you will receive 1 Vesta t-shirt.

$1,000 – If you invest $1,000, you will receive a 1 year subscription to the app and 1 Vesta t-shirt.

$5,000 – If you invest $5,000, you will receive 2 year subscriptions to the app and 2 Vesta t-shirts.

$10,000 – If you invest $10,000, you will receive one 10 year subscription to the app, 1 Apple watch with Vesta preloaded, 1 Vesta investor band, and 2 Zoi t-shirts.

$50,000 – If you invest $50,000, you will receive two 10 year subscriptions to the app, 2 Apple watches with Vesta preloaded, and 2 Vesta investor bands. 

Marketing Strategy & Projections

Social Networking

Will develop a distinctive and authentic presence on social
networking sites and will also place advertisements on these sites.

E-mail marketing

All potential users will be informed via segmented email drip campaigns to increase conversion

Search Engine Optimization

Portions of the marketing budget for strategic internet marketing
including search engine optimization.

Industry Events

Attend conferences to increase brand awareness and establish
valuable business partnerships.

Potential for Growth

Due to current market trends in the wearable tech industry, it’s believed that Vesta, Inc. can easily become a multi-million dollar company by its second year. 

 Note – these statements are based on internal financial projections