Dying in Your Sleep: More Common Than You Think

1 in 4 people die of heart disease (American Heart Association) and 1 in 8 will die in their sleep ( Sleep apnea is also one of the top causes that leads to dying in your sleep, affecting 42 million Americans.

One would assume that as the technology industry grows, there would be more and more focus on the development of affordable, easy to use devices to make sleeping safer. The truth is, however, that many individuals suffering from these kind of health conditions still only have bulky, uncomfortable, expensive machines to keep them safe. Due to financial limitations, many of these individuals go without any safety net at all.

Dying in your sleep is all too common. The answer now is Vesta Sleep, a wearable device that integrates currently with Apple Watches and soon FitBits and other wearable devices capable of detecting heart rate. If you have sleep apnea, Vesta Sleep can make recommendations based on your sleep patterns.

How Can Vesta Sleep Keep You Safe?

  • Heart Tracking while exercising or asleep.
  • Send Alerts to Loved Ones and 911 if your heart rate is severely abnormal while asleep.
  • Current Software Compatibility with Apple Watch, and soon will integrate with other devices, including Fitbit and other smart devices that detect heart rate.
  • Future plans for a Support Line, as an alternative to 911 or alerting a family member or friend.
  • Affordable cost of only $4.99 Per Month on launch.

Why Invest in Wearable Technology with Vesta Sleep, Inc.?

An Opportunity to Save Lives With Wearable Technology

  • Market predicted to reach over $4B in 2017 in
  • This technology is most popular among users
    aged 25 to 44, a Huge Demographic.
  • One in six consumers currently own and use wearable technology.
  • Vesta Sleep’s software currently integrates with Apple Watch, and will later work with Fitbit, Huawei Fit, And Other Smart Devices.
  • By pairing proprietary software with wearable tech the user
    already owns or can easily find, Vesta Sleep can Lower User Cost.
  • The software itself is Highly Adaptable, allowing the user to
    monitor their heart rate and other vitals during all hours, in
    whatever way they envision.