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The Life-Saving App That Watches You When You Can’t.

Vesta, Inc.

Vesta, on a basic level, is an app that integrates with an Apple Watch and other wearable devices to detect heart rate. But we intend for it to lead the way for wearable technology saving lives.

Vesta was developed after Bryan Lorden, our CEO, lost a friend who was only 32 years old in September 2015 to sleep apnea. Bryan Lorden also suffers from obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea at its best, results in nights that are not restful. At its worst, it can actually result in death. At this time, sleep apnea sufferers, and individuals suffering from other heart and health conditions, only have expensive treatment options available. These options don’t generally have the means to alert loved ones or 911 if there is an actual emergency experienced by the user. Vesta intends to bridge the gap between safety and cost with an application that monitors heart rate at a cost of only $9.99 per month.”

Vesta is expected to grow alongside the wearable tech industry. This growing industry is expected to reach over $4B in 2017One in six consumers currently own and use wearable technology. As the industry grows, Vesta looks to not only be a staple in the medical wearable tech industry, but also a shining example to other companies to begin noticing the large group of Americans being ignored in terms of affordable technology for medical problems.

Bryan Lorden

Founder and CEO  

Vesta, Inc.